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About Us

Christ in the Community started as a Facebook group and slowly but surely began to grow. Now we are a dynamic Community Interest Company (non-profit) business.

So far we have seen the impact of our work not only within our online community, but through the pilot project which was launched in Jamaica. Over 500 children have received nutritious breakfast and lunch meals during our 2 back to school treat campaigns. 

With a significant number of students in Jamaica living in extreme poverty, we recognised the need for our work and did something about it. Our support has contributed to enable children to attend school every day and stay alert during the school day.

We intend to take our valuable experience to support the growing number of people across the UK who are encountering extreme levels of poverty. We know we cannot tackle the problem alone, however by partnering with churches, community groups and volunteers, we know we can make a real difference here too. 

With your support through partnership, volunteering or giving, we can make a profound impact on the lives of many. Together, let us empower lives and transform futures.

Since 2020 CITC has been working tirelessly to give children, families, and individuals a chance of escaping the extremity of poverty and depravity they face.


To empower individuals and communities to overcome poverty, isolation, loneliness and mental difficulty through education, self-development, and wellness.


We Envision a future where every person possesses the tools and resilience to overcome obstacles, discover their full potential, forging pathways to brighter horizons and build stronger families and communities.

Our passion is serving others and spreading the love of God. Championing those who cannot do it for themselves.

Our organisation is founded on three core beliefs, and these underpin the work we do:

♥ Our purpose on this earth is to help others by using whatever talent, experience, or position we have to help those who are within our power to help. When we help others, we are embodying the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We are also enabling all those whose lives we touch to encounter God’s love through our actions.

♥ We believe in making our future generation a better generation, by equipping them with the necessary tools and fuel they need to help them discover and develop their inner gift so they can become great people of the future and contribute positively to society. The work we do with young people in underserved communities responds directly to the challenges and barriers they face. We give them the tools and fuel they need to develop their skills to take their future into their own hands and be independent, active citizens.

♥ We believe that everyone has something they can be amazing at. Sometimes circumstances and challenges can cause us to lose our spark and we just need some support to help us discover what that is, and we can help them unearth that.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your
Father which is in heaven."

Our Current Focus

We are seeking to commission a Community Wellbeing model that is focused on delivering outcomes for the people of Surrey and Sussex. This new model will ensure that a person centered approach is undertaken at all times using a strengths based approach. By providing a safe, welcoming space for people facing isolation, loneliness, and mental difficulties. We want to actualise this by taking a holistic approach. 

Our Wellness Centre will be a one-stop-shop for self-development and wellness. Offering a safe and welcoming space to people facing isolation, loneliness, and mental difficulties. We will promote self-development and wellness through activities such as gardening therapy, pottery, dancing, games, exercising, volunteering, interacting and sharing with others. 

Our Wellbeing Centre will be a place where people who need help and support can come and find this. Engage in meaningful relationships and activities which will help to improve their lives and help them to thrive. 

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