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Representing Christ within our Community

Our name encapsulates our mission. It means we collectively represent Christ within our community. We are the hands and feet of Christ in our community. As a unifying force, we stand as the embodiment of Jesus’ love and compassion in action. Our aim is to work in partnership with organisations who hold our vision to foster empowerment and growth for those residing in economically challenged circumstances and improve the lives of people faced with depravity.

This is by supporting and creating opportunities within these communities. We are especially interested in supporting children and families which are at a disadvantage, as we believe stronger families build stronger communities.

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Our Central Focus

Central to our focus is nurturing the potential of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds within these communities. Particularly, our hearts are dedicated to championing the cause of vulnerable children and families. We firmly believe that resilient families form the bedrock of thriving communities, and thus, we direct our energy towards fortifying these foundations.

♥ Sign up to be a CORPORATE PARTNER. Partnerships are valuable support to the work we do. Organisations of any size can help make it possible for us to maximise our efforts, through monetary donations and gift-in-kind support. We are on the lookout to build relationships with brands that believe in our mission and unite with us to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

♥ Volunteers make a difference in our community! There are many ways you can serve your community and be a vital part of Christ in the Community’s mission. Together, we can bring food, school supplies, other essentials – and hope to families that need our support. You can volunteer for one of our many roles, fill in our contact page, and tell us how you are able to support us. 

♥ Donate to help our mission. You can donate food, clothing, toys, health supplies, baby supplies, household supplies, school supplies agriculture supplies, and any other items that may be in need.

♥ Start a fundraiser. You can help us raise needed funds for our mission by putting your imagination to work. By designing your own personal fundraising campaign, you can bring people together to make a real difference for children and communities in need. You can hold a dinner party, invite families and friends, and charge a small entrance fee going towards a good cause. What about a games night or trivia night? There are so many ways of encouraging people you know to support a cause that will improve someone’s life.

♥ Sponsor a child, fuel a mind, fuel a future. Make a difference in a child’s life by making regular donations that go towards providing breakfast and lunch for them each day at school so they can attend and be alert. Give a child an opportunity to attend school by making a regular donation to provide school uniforms, supplies, travel, and lunch so they can attend school. Help us to nourish students’ minds and bodies, and set them up for success in the classroom, so they can achieve their full potential.

♥ Sponsor one of our community initiatives in Jamaica and the UK. You can impact the lives of families experiencing indigence living in Jamaica and those facing isolation, loneliness, and mental difficulties living in the UK, by sponsoring one of our community initiatives:

 School Feeding Program – To provide lunch and breakfast at schools that have a high record of children living in extreme poverty. This initiative will enable children to attend school every day, keep them alert during the school day, and give them the opportunity to achieve their true potential.

 Youth Support – To support young people with pressing issues.

 Parent Support – To support parents with issues around raising children, such as dealing with their children’s behaviour, finances, mental health, and single parenting.

 Support for the elderly and those with disabilities – Providing meals, personal support, and interaction.

 Community Garden – There will be 2 projects, one in Clarendon Jamaica to provide a means of activity and support for the community and the other which will be a part of the Wellbeing Centre UK which will serve as therapy and social support for those experiencing isolation, loneliness, and mental challenges.

 CITC Wellbeing Centre (UK) – To support a range of individuals from young adults to the elderly experiencing isolation, loneliness, and mental difficulties. LEARN MORE…

How to Connect

At Christ in the community we give ourselves to others so they may experience the love of God through us.

Ways to support

All volunteers can apply via their church, parish coordinator or CITC website

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