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We are proud to collaborate with the Beulah All Age School located in the heart of New Longsville District, Clarendon. Our shared mission is to empower and uplift the community’s youth. Every year, we touch the lives of over 200 families through our heartfelt ‘Back to School’ initiative. We provide families with needed school supplies for the upcoming school year. Majority of these children’s families face financial constraints that might otherwise hinder their access to education. Through this heartwarming initiative, we’ve been able to positively impact their lives each year. 

However, the need is vast, and we recognize that our efforts are amplified when we work together. This is where you come in. Your support, whether you represent a brand, a corporate entity, or are an individual with a passion for change, is integral to the success of our mission.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to provide the children of New Longville District and other communities in Jamaica a chance to receive a primary education, a foundation upon which they can build their dreams. Yet, we understand that achieving this goal requires a collective effort. We are calling on you to join hands with us, uniting in a shared commitment to make education accessible to all.



We aspire to initiate a transformative feeding program at the Beulah All Age School. This program will serve children battling extreme poverty, ensuring they have meals that enable them to attend school with energy and enthusiasm, keeping them alert during the day. Your support will directly impact these children’s lives, nurturing their growth, learning, and untapped potential.

Together, we have the power to create a brighter future, one where every child has the opportunity to thrive through education. Join us in making a lasting impact by contributing to our School Feeding Fund. Your donation will be an investment in a child’s education, their dreams, and improving the lives of their family and community.

Let’s make a difference together – click the “Donate Now” button to support this worthy cause. Your generosity can transform lives. Donate now to make an everlasting change.

” While Jamaican children on average completes 11.7 years of education, they acquire the equivalent of only 7.2 years of learning. This learning gap is disproportionately impacting children from lower income households. In addition to this pre-existing gap, the right to education among children in Jamaica has been affected in an unprecedented manner by COVID-19.”

(Jamaica-COAR-2021, Supported by UNICEF in collaboration with the World Bank

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